7, Grigorii Gorbatenko Str.,
1784 Sofia,
Business Solutions Consulting is a Sofia-based corporate finance and consulting boutique.
Business Solutions Consulting is active in financial and corporate management, corporate and commercial advisory, regulatory and public affairs, infrastructure advisory, and human resources.

The Company was established in 2008.

Business Solutions Consulting targets on achieving size, scale and global reach. Today’s challenges and opportunities call for a new strategic directions. Our vision and strategy for the decade 2020, developed in collaboration with leadership and firm partners, focuses on becoming the standard of excellence in all of the businesses and services provided.We have consciously nurtured and developed our strengths to be a multi-disciplinary consulting firm with a practical "get-things-done" philosophy.

We believe that successful consulting depends largely on the quality of the individuals comprising the practice. Each member of the professional team at Business Solutions Consulting has a significant depth and breadth of appropriate experience in their field of expertise and a track record of achievement in domestic and international assignments. This enables us to represent and advise a broad spectrum of clients. Our client portfolio includes small-to-medium sized privately owned companies, several large publicly-listed companies and public sector undertakings.

It takes vision to create meaningful measures of success. It also takes courage to share the results. Our leadership is committed to being open about the progress toward our global goals. We are determined to achieve these goals and help turn a shared vision into exciting new eminence for our Company’s brand.

We regard the development of this vision and strategy as a continuum of the strong business planning processes that exists across the organization. It is not a single event. Rather it will continue to evolve alongside future, function, industry and other planning activities.